Among Our Services

Our strength lies in the interdisciplinary and holistic approach, good knowledge of collaborative business models and new digital technologies and the benefits they bring, as well as in well-developed international network of collaborators and partners.


We evaluate your solution from market and/or funding readiness perspective and suggest you improvements.

Channels Mix

We help you to increase and diversify your marketing and sales channels in order to increase your growth.

Online Sales

Can online sales bring you success in the market and in what way? We help you throughout the process.


We help you find your competitive advantages through collaborative business models.

Precious Metals Investment

Allocate a portion of your capital to precious metals and protect your wealth, ensure liquidity, and maintain long-term stability in the face of economic challenges.

If you operate internationally, precious metals investments can also serve as a buffer against currency risks. 

In cooperation with one of the most renowned and internationally recognized companies specializing in precious metals, we can offer you unique investment programmes.

Start building your competitive advantages with our expertise support

Our core consulting services are related to the analysis and advice regarding your market entry readiness as well as your funding readiness, all with a purpose either to succeed on foreign markets or to obtain public and/or private funds.

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