Collaborative Business Relationship Management and ISO 44001

There are many formal and informal types of business partnerships and collaborative business models, and their management is becoming very complex for companies.

Many companies are still not aware of the importance of good planning and management of collaborative business relationships, although they may be, in addition to technological innovations, the main competitive factor of any company or organization. In case of new collaborative business models this is also strongly connected with innovation in services (e.g. in organizational, management and other service-based innovations). The accepted international standard is welcomed, since it officially gives a great importance to collaborative business forms for achieving competitive advantage.

The standard is useful in:

  • all companies, all sectors and sizes at different stages of development and in all business areas. Depending on the purpose of the partnership (e.g. internationalisation, raw materials purchasing, subcontracting, sales network relationships, searching for funds, etc.), business partnerships are more or less complex and their management more or less demanding;
  • the public sector of larger systems (e.g. railways), public-private partnership cases and in other cases;
  • clusters, associations, business networks, cooperatives and other organizations where collaboration and partnership models are important for their growth.

WOTRA Universe's team has been active in this field for many years where we have been monitoring the development of the standard from the very beginning (BSI 11000 - the national standard of the United Kingdom as the predecessor of the international standard ISO 44001). We are active at international conferences and through lectures in many countries. We are always available for additional questions through the contact addresses shown on this website or through the Enquiry Form.


We can offer the following consulting services:

  • we identify the most suitable collaborative and partnership strategies or a combination of strategies based on your current situation in the organization, your vision, strategy and goals of the organization and the type of your products and services;
  • we analyze your existing collaborative business model and existing relationships with business partners or members of your network and prepare (1) recommendations for improving and/or expanding business partnerships and networks, (2) proposal of a possible new and innovative collaborative business model, and (3) recommendations for the systematic collective intelligence building;
  • we offer assistance in searching for partners, agreeing with potential partners, and finally selecting partners;
  • we can take over a partnership and/or member-based network systems management;
  • we propose you the appropriate methodologies and tools to effectively manage relationships with your partners and/or members;
  • other related services.

If you would like to get additional information or get in touch with us, please contact us either by phone or use the Enquiry Form.


Companies and individuals come across collaboration and partnership in all of their development phases and all sectors regardless of company size. Our trainings are aimed at adressing the issue of collaboration and partnership from various perspectives (e.g. organizational, managerial, IT, legal, financial, etc.) and for various development and business circumstances (e.g. for purposes of internationalization, for the purpose of developing a new product, for the purpose of sale, etc.).

Our training programmes related to the topic "Collaboration and Partnership" are modular. In addition to the introductory programme, several other individual modules have been developed which cover various types of partnerships and individual aspects of collaboration and partnership approaches.

Training can be undertaken internally to a closed group or in collaboration with partner organizations.

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