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A Seldon.Basis database of all Russian companies is a great source of comprehensive information on every single Russian company collected from government and open sources. It represents the richest and most valuable and regularly updated resource of Russian companies currently available on the market. The database contains information on goods and services that are offered by Russian companies, their registration details, contact information and their managers, patents and trademarks, financial performance, arbitration cases, government contracts, foreign trade activities, relations between companies and their affiliations presented visually by the connection tree.

Database consists of more than 23 millions Russian companies, 8+ millions of which are active, 350,000 of companies are in the process of changing and the rest, i.e. 14+ millions of them are closed.

Among 8 millions of active companies and sole entrepreneurs of Russia there are:

  • 70,000 active importers and 35,000 exporters (official data collected for 2015-2017)
  • more than 8,000 companies with profits exceeding 2 billion RUB/year
  • around 6 million SMEs (2+ million of which are located in the European part of Russia)

Insight to Russian Market

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General Info

The access to the Seldon Basis platform enables you to:

  • search potential partners by name, tax number or by flexible system of filters;
  • assess potential partner’s financial statements and arbitration proceedings;
  • get information about government contracts concluded by legal entities and facts of enlisting them in supplier blacklist;
  • monitor changes that counterparties undergo to take right decisions in the right time.

The platform is an irreplaceable source of information for

  • import-export companies, operating or planning a business in Russia (finding clients and partners, producers, suppliers, contact info, foreign trade activities, etc.);
  • corporate legal departments and law firms (legal and financial compliance, patents, trademarks, etc.);
  • marketing, sales and purchasing departments;
  • consulting (one-click company reports, risk management, due dilligence, GRC, etc.);
  • business support ecosystems (business networks, business centres, clusters, etc.);
  • banking sphere (API integration, KYC, client safety, etc.).

Seldon.Basis is mobileThe Seldon.Basis is a web and mobile-based (iOS and Android) online platform with multilingual interface in 12 languages (Russian, Ukrainian, English, Deutsch, Spanish, French, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, Japanese).

In addition,

  • depending on a subscribed package the company lists as well as all data (incl. the legal entity's profile information of each company) can be downloaded or exported;
  • you can also ask for an API integration with your system or database, however, this is  a subject of additional price for the API service.

More Seldon.Basis Features

Valid and relevant information from EGRUL, EGRIP or EGRPO

Extract from EGRUL (EGRIP) or EGRPO allows you to get company details (sole proprietor), as well as information about company’s registration, license and certificate; information about its authorized capital, co-owners and subsidiaries (for legal entities).

You will be able to detect short-lived, shell and distressed companies among contract partners and for this purpose we provide you with the information about history of the company (about former CEOs and co-owners, changes of authorized capital, address and phone number).

You can get information about government contracts concluded by legal entities and entrepreneurs

Now the following information is available: contract name, counterparty role in it (customer or supplier), date of signing, performance time of a contract, etc.

Arbitration cases of the counterparty is additional criterion for decision-making

You can find out how reliable the company you are interested in is: which arbitration proceedings it took part in, what decision was made by the court, who the other parties were.

Enforcement Proceedings

For comprehensive evaluation of companies Seldon.Basis introduces access to the enforcement proceedings of Federal Bailiffs Service.

Express analysis of a counterparty

Learn more about liquidity ratios of the company, its financial stability which is determined by the proportion of its own and borrowed funds, and company’s solvency. In Seldon.Basis charts are used to visualize the calculation of financial ratios and their dynamics.

Bankruptcy Information

With the help of Seldon.Basis you can find out whether bankruptcy procedure has been initiated against the counterparty or not. Statements are taken from the Unified Federal Register of Bankruptcy Information and may point out the company's financial difficulties.

Suppliers Blacklist

What if a company you want to cooperate with is in the Suppliers Blacklist because of unexecuted or improperly executed contracts?

Connections Tree

It is possible to easily detect connections between companies using the special tool, the "Connections Tree", which schematically shows the connection between companies and official bodies.

Data export

You can save data on your disk to use it offline, e.g. search results, dossier of particular companies, as well as lists of companies added to your Favorites (Partners, Competitors, Customers or Suppliers).

... and more ...

You can order a yearly online and mobile access to the database at a special price. Other options are also available.

You can also ask for a trial access, a sample company report or for a quotation of possible integration of the Seldon.Basis data with your system or database

For special rates, please use the promo code "WOTRA Universe" in all your correspondence.  By selecting the "Trial Access Request" option, you will get access to the trial version. In case of selecting "RFQ / Enquiry Form" you will be able to order a sample report or a quotation for your specific request.

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