Collaborative Business Models


The consulting related to collaboration and business partnerships, constitute one of WOTRA Universe’s main consulting areas. Companies and individuals come across collaboration and partnerships in all of their development phases and all sectors regardless of company size. There are, however, several differences in the understanding of collaboration and partnerships, namely in the reasons as well as approaches for the connection. Companies, and also individual regions, can achieve great competitive advantages using collaboration and partnership approaches, but we need to know that it takes at least some knowledge about partnership strategies and the management of such connections in order to achieve optimal and long-term effects. Knowledge about strategic thinking and modern business models is helpful as well. Many questions arise during the collaboration and partnership process, e.g. what benefits will I get from collaboration and partnerships, how do companies reach global visions, can (and how) do companies make use of partnerships and in what form, how to maintain partnership to make and keep it successful in the long run, and how to prepare for the possible termination of a partnership? 

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